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Tim Urban is a blog writer. He have a speech on TED.

演讲的 《你有拖延症吗》

物竞天择,适者生存 优胜劣败 未来难预测

Tim Urban - Perfectly You That beautiful smile I can't get enough of You don't even know, you got it, you got it all The sound of your voice, it's all that I think of It shows who you are, you got it, you got it all It's crazy ...

楼主应该是在上初中-高中这个阶段, 这个阶段的女生,都是盲目追求刺激,非主流,或者说 那些坏学生能给她们别样的感觉

I bet your window is rolled down and your hair is pulled back 你一定开着车窗任头发吹散 And I bet you got no idea you are going way too fast 你一定不知道自己开的太快 You try not to think about what went wrong 你努力不去想哪里出...


Urban and rural town held up everywhere parades, drama and sports competition, etc, schools and shops in the body by the regulation's interest.孩子们还...

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