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the drain is blocked

sewer pipe outside of the external wall

浴室下水道堵了,英语是:The sewer in bathroom is chocked up. 句子解释: sewer 英[ˈsu:ə(r)] 美[ˈsuɚ] n. 污水管,下水道; 裁缝师; v. 从…排污水; [例句]The pond stank like a sewer. 池塘像下水道一样散发着恶臭。 ba...

1 The cess pipe of the sink in the kitchen is leaking. 2 A chandelier bulb in the living room is broken. 3 A lamp in the main bedroom is brocken. 4 The lock of the mail box needs to be changed. 5 A hole should be driied in the ...

plumbing and drain cleaning service charges 下水道疏通服务费 the kitchen drainage of the production department is clogged and it needs repair. 生产部的厨房下水道堵塞了,需要修理

Drains Blocked Drains clog. The kitchen sink clogged, need some one to clear it.


sewer sewer 英[ˈsu:ə(r)] 美[ˈsuɚ] n. 阴沟,污水管,下水道; 裁缝师; v. 从…排污水; [例句]The pond stank like a sewer. 池塘像阴沟一样散发着恶臭。 [其他] 复数:sewers

水槽下水配件_ 翻译结果: Tank water fittings

Water is the Source of Life, without water, we have no way to survive. On the earth, where there is water, there is life. All life activities are at the origin of water. The body of water, approximately to the weight of 65%. Th...

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